Kids Swim Underwater in Swimming Pool – Girls Prank Dad – Bath Time Fun – Chuck E Cheese’s

Girls having more fun swimming in the swimming pool playing underwater. There are many fun games to play underwater when you have a pool to swim in. After a long day and evening os kids swimming it is time to wash the chlorine water off by taking a bubble bath in the jacuzzi bathtub. Having a hot tub it very fun and helps clean off the pool water. Girls prank their father again with an air horn and then their father gets revenge. See all their reactions to thee pranks.Baby just loves Chuck E Cheeses’s especially the rat himself.

We have many pranks coming this weekend and all Summer so be sure to see our latest prank!

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Check out our funny pranks. Two girls and their dad having fun playing jokes and pranks! We love to do pranks like the stye of prankvsprank, edbassmaster and Jackvalefilms.

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    I don’t like Just A Beaver at all. {that’s the nickname my dad gave JB.}

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    i hear a youtubers intro when they are in the swiming pool

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    I hate how your videos are 20 min

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    A.where u mum
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    Your little sister looks so cute

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    Wow, filming underwater looks really cool

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