What you should know About a Key Safe

The key safe is not any different from other safes which have the same purpose of keeping items safe from buglers and natural disasters. The safes can contain documents personal or cooperate, electronic devices, cash, jewellery or weapons. However the key safes have one specific item in store which is the keys. These safes are targeted school children, elderly people, housekeepers and tradesmen who have a tendency of forgetting where they placed the key and also carry a lot of keys.

Key SafesKey safes are boxes used to store keys which are prone to falling off the pockets, misplacement and getting lost. The keys can be apartment keys, office keys, safe keys, drawer keys and room keys. These locks can be installed indoor or outdoor this depends on the place where the key is in use. There are three lock mechanisms which can be used in locking keys in the key safe, these include:

  • Digital or electronic locks; these are locked or unlocked by entering dignitary number codes provided by the manufacturer during purchase
  • Biometric locks; this means utilizes an advance system of locking and unlocking safes by presentation of finger prints. Others have added the use of the key after fingerprint analysis.
  • Combination locks; this is the most common and definitely the oldest mechanism in the market. The most used is the three digit code provided by the manufacturer.

These key safes can be used in offices and stores that are used by different people in a company or organization. They can be used to prevent use of certain washrooms that are private. By giving the unlocking and looking combinations, certain rooms remain restricted to unauthorized personnel. One good example is its use in the real estate business where the agents do not need to carry the keys to the different houses on sale; a key safe is installed for all to access. In short they are widely used in places where key management is required by different people at different times without inconveniencing the other person.

The key safe advantages include providing safety of keys, reduce a burden that occur when carrying a lot of keys in the pockets, allows accessibility of different areas where the stored keys open especially when you are not available, eliminate the idea of creating duplicate keys and removes the worry and concern of losing your key. They come with different capacity holding one key, two or even more keys inside. There are portable and installed or wall fixed key safes; they can be fixed near an entrance or attached adjacent to a door handle. When using the combination locking type one can choose their desired combination digits and share with the right full person.