Biggest Catch – Ticket Redemption Arcade Game – BOSA Gold Winner 2013 – Family Fun Companies


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Biggest Catch Mechanical Action Ball Catch Ticket Redemption Game – Awesome new fishing-themed, ball catching ticket redemption arcade game with very cool, “retro-style” electromechanical ball dropping game action which make this one very addicting game that will challenge everyone from kids to adults alike !

In the Biggest Catch, players must try to load up their “boat” with balls (representing the “catch”) by simply dropping the balls them one by one into the cargo hold of the boat. Sounds simple, right? The challenge is the boat is suspended in mid-air, and must be kept balanced!

Players must drop the balls *very carefully* into the hull one by one in order to keep the boat balanced – But if they drop a ball in the wrong place, the boat becomes unbalanced, and tips over, thereby losing their “catch” !

This game is rather unique in the marketplace today by combining a very eye-catching and modern LED lighted cabinet with “old-school” electromechanical play action.

Biggest Catch Ticket Redemption Game Details :

Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players :  1 Player Ball Catch Ticket Redemption Game
Height: 89″, Width: 30″, Depth: 43″, Weight: 365 Lbs

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  1. BMI Worldwide
    BMI Worldwide February 6, 2013 at 9:50 pm | | Reply

    New Redemption Arcade Game ! ” Biggest Catch ” Mechanical Ticket Redemption
    Game from Family Fun Companies | 2013 BOSA Awards Gold Medal Winner –
    Redemption Games Category (ps: most of the staff @ BMIGaming *loved*
    playing this game!) Watch it here : Biggest Catch – Ticket Redemption
    Arcade Game – BOSA Gold Winner 2013 – Family Fun Companies

  2. robertoantonio007
    robertoantonio007 April 15, 2014 at 6:29 am | | Reply

    I have not seen this game, but I liked

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