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Endless Alphabet (Free + IAP)
A joyful collection of words, and monsters to explain them. Sorted alphabetically, each word gets children to drag its letters into place, after which they’ll see a characterful animation for its definition. The app includes ads, which you can remove with a single 69p in-app purchase.
iPhone / iPad by Callaway Digital Arts
Comics in the Classroom (Free + IAP)
This is an interesting approach to teaching history to children through digital comics, with topics including Pearl Harbour, Florence Nightingale and Jack the Ripper. Children fill in the speech bubbles to prove their understanding of the subjects. Three comics are included, with additional ones available as 69p in-app purchases.
iPad by Comics in the Classroom
Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior (Free)
This entirely-free app wants to teach children to code using the JavaScript language. It’s presented as a game where they build robot warriors and use their coding skills to control them in battles against friends, or in the single-player mode while honing their abilities.
iPhone / iPad by Kuato Studios
My First 101 Words (£1.49)
This is another app for teaching toddlers their first words – you can probably guess how many – but using video rather than just text and narration. Each of the words is demonstrated through video clips starring a boy and girl, with the ability to play and replay each, or shuffle them.
iPhone / iPad by
Mystery Math Town (£1.49)
Yes, there’s an “s” missing: this is an American app. But my six year-old has taken to it strongly: a game where you explore a series of spooky houses by tapping on stairs, ladders, doors and windows, solving sums before you can go through them using numbers collected along the way. You can tweak the difficulty level and sum-types to suit the age of your child.
iPhone / iPad by Artgig Apps
Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks (Free + IAP)
Another impressive app to help children build their essential vocabulary: 7-12 year-olds in this case. The app splits the learning into lessons, each with up to 20 words and phrases taught through colourful mini-games. The first lesson is free, with the full 25 unlocked with a single £2.99 in-app purchase.
iPhone / iPad by MindSnacks
Symmetry School
Symmetry School: Learning Geometry (£1.99)
More maths here, focused on geometry. Developed in Ireland, it gets children to drag and drop coloured counters onto a virtual board to form patterns: as much a puzzle game as it is a maths lesson. Its developer is also providing print-outable extra activities, as well as whiteboard versions and the ability for kids to email their results to a teacher.
iPad by PixelSoup
Kids ABC Trains (£2.56)
Aimed at pre-school children, this uses trains and railways as a way to teach kids about letters and phonic sounds. They build a railway by learning each letter, before “driving the train” – tracing letter shapes – loading letter-sound boxes onto it, and matching upper and lower case letters to stop the train running away. A neat metaphor for a neat game.
Android by Intellijoy

Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner (Free + IAP)
Trying to futureproof your child’s career prospects by getting them to learn Chinese? It’s more common a parental strategy than you’d think in the Western world. This app aims to help, with more than 200 Mandarin words taught through mini-games, videos and text. It’s aimed at 2-8 year-olds. One lesson – Numbers – comes with the initial free download, then the rest can be bought in a Basic Pack for £2.99 or a Full Pack for £5.49.
iPhone / iPad
On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects (£3.99)
This is one of dozens of official Dr. Seuss book-apps, with an educational focus on teaching children about the world of insects “from butterflies and crickets to fireflies and honeybees”. The Cat In The Hat hosts the action, with all the rhyming silliness you’d expect of a Seussian story.
iPhone / iPad by Oceanhouse Media
Kids Learn Spanish with busuu (Free + IAP)
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