Cowboy Toddler: Fun Educational Games for Boys and Girls

Does your toddler like the wild west, horses and cowboys?
If so this is the app for you and your toddler.
This app teaches your toddler letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, sizes, and spot the different games, all using cowboy graphics and animations.
Cowboy Toddler is designed to help your child acquire basic concepts of shapes, colors, numbers and more. Cowboy Toddler for kids offers an all-in-one game for your children. It is a collection of different exciting and fun educational games.
The app gives you an animated cowboy, wild west stickers, energetic voice recording and sound effects, all designed for your child. It’s an unlimited game for the entire family!
Cowboy Toddler App Features
1. Interactive, engaging, fun and cool games
2. Your child presses one button to immediately launch into fun and educational play.
3. Uses Family Play enabled technology
4. The child is guided through game play with spoken questions.
5. Reinforces correct learning with animation for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect ones
6. Kids collect prizes for correct answers
7. A child can play for hours to collect stickers and keep learning.
This game teaches shapes, big vs. small, numbers 1-10, letters of the alphabet, and to be able to recognize which object does not belong to the group. This toddler game consists of 12 different learning level boards or mini educational games for kids to learn, ordered from easy levels to harder and more challenging levels.
Cowboy Toddler is designed to provide not just a fun and interactive game for kids but a quality fun and interactive playtime for parents to coach their child and participate in their learning.

Available in GooglePlay

Avaialble in iTunes

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