Focusing Fun for ADHD – Games to Help Kids Practice Focus

Learn “Silent Ball” and other techniques to develop attention skills with ADHD expert Dr. Jeff Sosne.

Dr. Sosne has led The Children’s Program ADHD programming for over 30 years, helping thousands of children and their families. He also teaches Yoga Calm® workshops such as “ADHD: The Mind/Body Connection” – one of Yoga Calm’s most popular courses – presenting techniques that can help children learn to self-regulate and focus. (Workshop info available at

This segment is a bonus track on Yoga Calm’s award-winning DVD Kids Teach Yoga: Flying Eagle. Filmed in HD and great for home or classroom use (ages 4 and up), Flying Eagle features a complete yoga class for kids, led by 13 year old Haley, with original music written and sung by Rylie, another student in the class. Other bonus material includes a narrated science segment by Audubon naturalist Steve Engel and access to a free activity guide and music.

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Dr. Sosne describes 5 factors that can undermine attention and how to counter them:

Distilling over 30 years of school teaching, counseling and yoga experience into a practical, easy-to-teach method, Yoga Calm is an innovative education method developed by Lynea Gillen, MS, and Jim Gillen, RYT-500. An innovative blend of physical yoga, social skills games and counseling techniques, Yoga Calm reduces stress, develops concentration, fitness and social/emotional skills, and nurtures teamwork and leadership. It helps create calmer homes and more productive schools, too! Visit to learn more.

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    I skipped to 1:00

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    la la land

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    Excellent tool that fosters focus on current tasks.

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    Thats funny

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    Your an excellent helper

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    Focusing Fun for ADHD – Games to Help Kids Practice Focus: via @youtube

  9. Princess Cabrillos
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    I am a Special Education teacher and I think this is a good activity for my
    kids to learn how to FOCUS.

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    What an excellent skills teaching tool Thank you!

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    little girl kept screwing up

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    Good exercise.

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    good for small kids

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