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Snakes and Ladders is a very easy classic game to play. Enjoy this popular Multiplayer board game (1-6 players) that makes you feel happy and relaxed!
Its fun to play with; climb up the ladders, slide down with the snakes and kick your opponents out of the game board!!

Play with your family and friends or play this game against your device and let the fun begins.
You can play 6 different game boards and have more fun, or you can play with the game options and make it even more exciting.

Play Snakes and Ladders NOW!

*No skills required

*New* ALWAYS A WINNER. When CHEAT MODE is on, you can touch any of the SECRET SPOTS on the screen then roll the dice to get the number you want for you or your opponents.

*New* Continue the game after the first winner reaches 100, and find out who is the 2nd, 3rd..etc winner. Winners will be arranged according to their winning places on the left of the board.


+ 1-6 Players
+ HD game Graphics and Animations
+ Retina Display
+ Choose from 6 Games Boards
+ Many Game Options
+ Funny Cheat Mode

Game Options:

+ Extra Turn for rolling 6
+ Kick opponents out
+ Roll 6 to start
+ Get exact 100 to win
+ Cheat Mode On/Off
+ Sound Effects On/Off

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