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Product Description :

Funny Bunny is a quick play 3D action game for 2-4 children ages 4 and up. Players hop the bunny hill in a race to the top to see who can get to the big, juicy carrot first. They have to be careful not to fall into a rabbit hole on their way up the hill and miss their chance at the prize.

Hop over the holes and race to the top!

Family Fun Toy of the Year Award Winner!
Hop to the Carrot
Funny Bunny is an engaging adventure game for young children that older family members will enjoy as well. No reading is necessary, except for the word “Click”, which appears on some of the bunny cards instructing players to twist the giant carrot located at the top of the hill until it clicks. Each twist of the carrot opens up bunny holes on the hill, providing obstacles to getting to the top. The game board is a green hill on which players place and move their rabbit figures, hopping from one open space to the next and trying to avoid open holes that prevent them from getting to the top before their competitors. Game Play Sharpens Early Learning Skills
Players must move their bunnies up the hill according to the number of spaces illustrated by action cards that show a rabbit hopping over one, two or three spaces. As players try to hop up the hill on the 3D game board, they utilize basic counting skills, color identification and recognition and fine motor skills. The game also introduces young children to goal-setting, competition, cause-and-effect and turn-taking. In addition, it provides a social opportunity for children, friends and family to engage with one another.3D Action Game Fosters Independent Play
A game of positive social interaction for children just beginning to play games, Funny Bunny provides a 3D play experience that actively engages young players. The bunny figure tokens enhance a child’s emotional connection to the game and, since Funny Bunny requires almost no reading, kids can play the game independently of older siblings or parents and build their self-confidence. What’s In The Box?
1 green 3D game board with rotating carrot, 16 bunnies in 4 colors, 24 action cards, 1 set of instructions.

3D garden hill filled with bunnies that must hop to the top to get to the big carrot.


Develops counting skills, color recognition, * Choose four bunnies of the same color * Youngest player goesfirst * Player who makes it to the carrot first wins * For ages 4 and above

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